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What We’re About

Qué pasa Y’all! Welcome to my blog!

I just want to talk about the purpose of this blog for a second. When I first created this blog in October of 2018, I just wanted a place to put my story on. I wanted my book to have it’s own website. So I decided to start a Blog using WordPress, because I already knew how to use it. In October I already had another blog that I had to start for school, but I didn’t post on that one. ( Now I do but that’s besides he point.)

So anyway, I put a website/blog (though I didn’t think of it as a blog, I thought of it as more a website. Now I know it’s a blog.)  together and started posting chapters from my Book, which was called  then, “Liberty”. That’s why the name of this site is “Liberty”, because that was the name of the book I first put on here. Thought I don’t post about that story anymore, I still kept the name of the blog the same because my name is Liberty.

In December I started getting in to the actual “blogging thing”. I started following other blogs, and I started posting on my other blog. That’s also when other bloggers started reading my blog, and it was an actual blog, and not just a little place just for me with nothing on it. I still posted on this blog, but I never really wanted other people to follow me.  I wanted people to read my stories, but I guess I really didn’t understand how a blog works.

Once I started getting followers on this blog I started to post more than just chapters of one book. then I started to understand blogging.

However, that is enough back story. Now I am going to talk about the purpose of this blog. At first I just wanted this to be a blog where share my stories, but now I want this blog to be a community of writers.


This is a Blogging Community:

I want this to be a blog where young writers can come together and share stories. I really want you if you are like me and you want to be a published author. I want you if you want to do nothing more the write. If your dream is to have a bunch of best selling books. Just if you love writing.

So if you love writing please join me, tell me you love writing, and we can become writing friends. Together we can create the ideal young writers spot. So please share my blog with other writers you may know.

We Share Stories Here:

Check out my new page “Write a Story with me“. I don’t want y’all to just read my stories, I want y’all to read a lot of other young writers stories. Also I want to give other writers a chance to share there stories in more places. So if you have a story that you want to share with more people just ask me with the link above. Also I write lots of stories with other young writers, so if you want to write a story with me, just ask with the link above! We can come up with a story together, or I can help with a story you already have! Sometimes, I’ll tell you when y’all can help me with a story I’m writing! Also if you want one of your stories to be shared with more people, just ask me and I will share your story on my blog.

We Share Thought Here:

Please make sure you always comment on my post’. I need your feedback in order to improve. If you tell me what you think of my stories, then on this blog we will all have someone to encourage us, and also someone to help us with our stories. So make sure to comment. (I like long comments XD)

You’ll get Inspired Here:

You can get inspiration for your story on my blog! I’ve made pages of story inspiration for you guys. Check it out here. These categorized images will give you lots of inspiration for your book, story, or novel. I will be constantly adding to these pages. I don’t have very many pages, but please check it out, like it, comment on it, and share it.

Let’s chat!

I have a chat page now!

We’re not just Writing:

I love acting so much. Something about it just gives me this great feeling. That’s why now this blog is for actors, and actresses.

We Grow in our Acting:

I will share lots of acting tips, actors, and Monologues, Dialogues, and other things all for y’all, to help you grow in what you love.

Learn about my stories here:

I have pages about my stories under the ‘About the Author” page! You can check those out.


That’s all for now, please like this post, please please comment on this post, and share this post. Please spread the word about this young writers corner. Please check out all the new things I have. Also now I have a blog button so if you want to swap just ask me.Blog button

If you don’t have a blog button, just ask me I can design blog buttons.

Thanks for reading I hope you join me!


my name

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Liahh: Ch. 1 Liahh

Ch. 1 Liahh

I’VE  BEEN LOOKING at the same re-drawings of the same anime picture for longer then I feel like saying. I’ve had writers-block towards the same monologue since I was probably ten; and let’s not even talk about the same ball that has been stuck on the Dining haul ceiling since 2015. 

Everyday the surprise at lunch is Esma’s “Famous” tuna casserole. Every morning Nathan shows me a re-drawing of the same drawing; and every night – is the same recurring dream. 

I, as only a small child, am with a boy, maybe a brother, of the same age. We’re playing, when we hear what  sounds like yelling men from outside our house. Gunshots fill the place, but that’s all I know. I always seem to wake up at the exact same spot. I’ve never seen past  that. 

I always tell Nathan that dream. I tell him if anything has changed, or if I notice something new. I have the same dream almost every night, so there is plenty of time to see all the details. 

I let him know how I feel about the dream. I let him know anything, and everything I feel, really. He’s my best friend. He’s been my best friend since I can remember. His favorite thing to do is show me the same re-drawing of the same anime drawing, or, as he corrects me, manga drawing. I’m sure I’ve said that already though. 

I’m sorry, but there really is nothing else to talk about. I live in Mrs. Prescott’s home for children. An Orphanage. It holds exactly 56 children, there is exactly 7 benches in the dining hall, each holding 8 children. 

In the School room is exactly 56 desk, with 2 penclic on each. Our teacher is Ms. Nellie, she’s really nice, but, that doesn’t change much. There are 4 rooms, with 14 beds in each. 14 children in each room, with only 4 toilets, and 1shower. I’ve seen children come in and out of this place. Two of my closest friends mysteriously died three years ago. No one knows what happened to them, I just wish the last words I said to them weren’t “I hate you.”

I’m so happy that I finally got a chapter out for the book. The chapters in the Novel are really short, but there will be a lot of them. Please please please tell me what you think. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!


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How to start Acting

hell❤️ L❤️vlies!

I know I’ve never mentioned it, but I love acting so much. It is so much fun and I would love to share it with you. I plan to share lot’s of acting tips and other things like that. If you want to start acting, but you don’t know where to start, well, I’m right here for ya! Even if you don’t like acting as much, you can still read, and do a little just for fun!

So I hope you enjoy this awesome video!

Monologue book: https://www.amazon.com/Sugared-Spiced… Tongue Twisters: https://www.engvid.com/english-resour… Scenebot app: https://scenebot.com/

I read and watch Monologues all the time. I think Monologues are a great way to show your parents, and others that you love acting, and you’re serious about it. I will have a whole nother Monologue post, where I will get into all the details, but right now we’re going to talk about getting started.

I watch a lot of movies, and I think that can help with your acting. When I see other great actors in great movies, instead of paying attention to the story, I watch the actors, and actresses. I look at how they react to the other actors, and how they look with different emotions.

Here’s one video …

Get with some friends and just do weird acting practices together. If you know someone (from church, school etc …) who wants to start acting, or already is acting. Tell them, become there friend, and work on it together.

Here’s another video I loved for some ideas.

Improve is also a really good thing to practice. It helps you learn to react, not overreact. ( I might have a post about that)

Please please please please please comment and tell me if you would like to see more acting Post! Be sure to subscribe to Sydney’s channel, and like her video!

Well that’s all!

Thanks for watching!


Was this helpful? Do you like (or love) acting? Who’s your favorite actor, or actress? Also do you know how to make one of those sign of name tag thing-y-ma-who-zits? (What ever there called XD)

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𝘕𝘰𝘷𝘢 Chapter One

Chapter 1: Briefcase

       I kept me eyes concentrated on each house, only getting a glimpse of every house; but that was all I needed before I figured that that wasn’t my house.

       I didn’t exactly remember where I lived, or what I lived in. I barely remembered my name, and I wasn’t quite sure about my age. I didn’t know when and where I was. The day, time, or anything like that. I was pretty sure my name was Vega, but that was all.

       I didn’t remember any of the houses, but somehow they all looked familiar. It was like somehow as soon as I saw the house, I would know it’s mine.

       However, none of the houses looked right. All of them were tall, thin, and boldly colored, but still none of them seemed – like the one.

       It was getting late, and I haven’t found a place to be.

        “Why can’t I remember anything?” I constantly asked myself. It’s like, I knew I was alive before this, but what was I doing? Where was I? Who was I?

       I had a  briefcase. I had been carrying it for a while. It was purple, just like my hair, with white stripes. I had no idea what was in it or what I was doing with it. I had been carrying it ever since I woke up. That was all. All I knew was to never let it go. I don’t know why, but I felt like it was to never leave my side.

       It wasn’t really heavy and it sounded a little like glass. It seemed to be really important, I just didn’t know why.

       I constantly glanced up at the purple and pink starry sky. It then was night.

       “Where is it?” I asked myself. “I know I live around here somewhere.” Before I knew it, I was in the middle of a forest. However I didn’t turn around, because I felt as though I was nowhere, I was on the right track.  

       Finally, I came across a little cottage.

       “Is this the one?” I whispered to myself. I invited myself in, hoping this really was the place. It all seemed familiar. The trees, the door, The chimney, it all felt right.

       The first room I walk in was a living room. It was a mess. Numbers of glass things were smashed on the ground. Cobwebs were everywhere. It looked as if the house hadn’t been lived in in years.

       Right before I walking into a kitchen, I noticed a photo on a dresser. It was of a little girl, and an older man.

       “Who are they?” I asked aloud. “Could that- be me? This girl looks a lot like me, but whose the other guy?”  

       “It must have been a while ago,” I told myself. I had short, cute, purple pigtails. The guy had a light brown skin tone just like mine, but his hair was black.  

       “It can’t – but- I don’t! Dad?” I wasn’t quite sure, but something about him was familiar. Something at that moment told me “dad”.

I didn’t remember him. I just felt we were related.

       “Well, if this is my Dad -” I stopped myself in mid-sentence, and continued to move to the kitchen stuffing the photo to the side with the briefcase, .

       Dishes were stacked up in the sink, the whole place was a mess, just like the living room, glass was smashed everywhere.

       “What happened here? Something awful.”

         Something drew me to the corner of the kitchen. There was a staircase; and I thought it might lead me to some rooms.

       The stairs were loud. Each step cracked and screeched louder and louder. Finally I was up the steps and away from the high pitch noises.

       The second floor wasn’t much. It only had four doors. The first one I saw was a bathroom. Clean, compared to the rest of the house. The second door that was on the other side of the first door was slightly cracked.

       I wanted to go inside. But something told me not to go in. like that room was forbidden. However I looked through the crack, and saw a bed. I thought it was my dad’s bedroom. Just like the kitchen and the living room, there were several smashed items everywhere. Also some other junk was there, but I couldn’t make any of it out.

       The next door, unfortunately,  was just a closet.

       The last door, it was at the end of the hall, was decorated with pink and purple stars, lots of glitter, and a sign that read “Vega”.

       “Must be my room,” I thought in my head.

       I moved the briefcase from my right hand to my left so I could open the door. The door opened with only a small nudge, because it was already open.

       I was expecting to find pink, purple and glitter all over the room, but unlike the door, the room was blank. Just a bed, some toys, and a dresser.

       It was almost like I didn’t own much. I looked around to see if there was anything other than a bed in this room, but, still, the room was empty.

       I moved towards the dresser to see if there was anything in there. The first thing I saw when I opened the top draw was a book, sitting on top of some clothes. It looked just like the door, pink, purple, and glittery. The front read “Vega” as well.

       “Well, at least I was right about my name,” I laughed. “Vega: age 7.” The first page read. “Age seven? Is that right? Am I seven? Which might be the right age, I don’t really know, I forgot how to count.”

       I cleared my throat then begun to read, “Dear Diary, sorry, I forgot you want me to call you Megan. Dear Megan: Umm… We just moved into a little cottage, on land, in the middle of the forest.

       I’ve been really sad lately, but every time I try to talk to my Dad about it he just shoes me away. He also does that whenever I mention Mommy. Yesterday I drew a picture of me, Mommy and him, but when I showed it to Daddy, he just ripped it up! I know He’s sad too, but-it seems he has changed the way he treats me. Hes changed.

       I’ve said before that Mommy and Daddy didn’t like each other very much a little before Mommy went away. That’s when he first treating me a little different, but not like he is now.  

       Also he keeps leaving without me to go somewhere. I have no idea when he goes and where he goes. He just leaves me here by myself. It’s a little scary.

I miss Mommy.


       I didn’t remember anything I wrote, but I begun to tear up as I finished reading. I Still really didn’t know what’s going on, but it still made me just a little sad.

       This was the first page, but I needed a bit more back story to understand this.

      “I had a Mom,” I smiled. “but what happened to her?”

      I begun to move to the next page, but before I could, a violent crashing noise shook the house jarring me from the book. I fell to the ground, leaving the book on the bed.

       “What was that?” I exclaimed.

        I moved towards the only window in the room to see an explosion in the sky.

       I quickly ran out of the room and out the house, forgetting about the book.

     I looked up and saw it. It was a star that blew up. I couldn’t believe it, a real live supernova.

I hope you enjoyed This little short chapter.

Also cheek this out …

I will soon have a “character” and “about” page for this story, but right now enjoy the little board I have.

I imagine Vega looking like Finished her up on the plane ride 💗 #angieocs Edit: for those of you asking, in this particular picture I'm using Photoshop CC on my Surface Pro 3 (can't use my Cintiq on the plane!) #ninigneedsinspirationThese pictures.

Found some time to draw for myself 💜#angieocs

Well I hope you enjoyed!


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My Secrets Your Lies – Sneak Peak


Today I wanted to show a sneak peak of the first chapter of one of my book. In case you’re wondering what this is “My Secrets Your Lies” is “Suicide, you ruined my life” I just changed the name. I like the new name a lot better. Also check out the about page.

I hope you enjoy the sneak peak!


Leaning over my pillows, reaching for my vibrating phone, had stopped me in mid-sentence. I was in the middle of finishing up the last chapter of my novel, but apparently whoever was on the other side of my phone couldn’t wait a few more hours.

“Alex” It read. I thought for a second, but then slammed the phone back down, pretending to not be around.

“I’ll call him back later,” I continued to type the final paragraph.

Only a minute after my phone stopped vibrating, it begun again.

“What now?” I asked myself. “Oh, it’s Abby.” I said aloud.

“Hola!” I answered.

“Hey Naldo! What do you need?” Abigail asked on the other side.

“Ah, nothing,” I responded. “you called me.”  

“Oh yeah,” Abby paused.

“¿Qué necesitas?” I asked.

“Oh nothing. I just wanted to say ‘hi’. What are you doing?”

When Abby asked that, it usually meant “hurry up and say a few things so she could spill about something”; I was going to let her have that one though.


Please comment and let me know what you think of this sneak peak. I like long comments.

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Easy Peasy Short Story Contest Entry: The Boy who Lost his Arm

I watched as each street light passed my window, each one shone directly onto my face, and my eyes. Beautiful Squocker in the air and playful Weedlies running around on the ground. Pressing my cheeks against the car window,  I carefully watched each blue and purple tree that passed by. I’m not closely looking because I had to, but because I wanted to.

I looked forward to my Dad, who was sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Daddy,” I asked.

“Yes Bhyme-Bo,” Dad responded

“When are we going to get there?”

“Soon. You’ll just have to wait and see,” Dad responded.

“Okay Daddy,” I finished. I looked back out the window to finish looking at the trees. I also started to look at the river under us. The bridge we were on was blue with green polka-dots, and the river was bright, shiny purple.

That was the last thing I remembered.

Before I knew it we were falling off the side, then we were under water. Next thing I remembered, medics were loading me and my Dad into the ambulance.

Honestly, I didn’t know if I had all my parts intact. However, when I was lying in the hospital bed, I remembered all of a sudden being in a different place.

I was standing in the middle of a big, beautiful forest.

“Oh! My! Dear!” I yelled looking down to my sides. “Where are my… my arms? I looked forward and saw a lady with a large gold crown, and a big green dress. “Excuse me! Excuse me!” I began to run towards her, and stopped when I got near her.

“Yes, boy,” said the lady with a straight face.

“Umm … umm … excuse me, do – do you know where – I can find my arms?” I choked up, looking directly into her deep, dark, black eyes.

“Your arms?” She said looking me up and down. “Sure. I can take you there. Follow me, boy,”

“Thank you! My name is Bhyme-Bo,” I told her.

“Okay … boy.” she said back.

Not really knowing what to do, I followed her deeper into the forest. Out of nowhere, a little rabbit popped out the bushes.

“Hello, my name is Maimax Rabbit,” says the rabbit.

“Hello, I’m Bhyme-Bo.”

The Rabbit looked me and the Queen up and down, then asked very nervously, “Young boy, my Queen, why are you both here?”  

I stopped for a minute, then answered, “I lost my arms, and we are going to find them.”

You lost your arms?” asked Maixam Rabbit.

“I know it’s a lot to explain, but -”

“Can we talk?” asked Maimax Rabbit

Later, a little farther from the Queen, Maimax told me “to be careful,” and “watch the Queen.” He said she has a “history of no good.” However, he still agreed to help me find my arms.

“Boy, Rabbit!” called the Queen.

We ran to the Queen, “Yes my Queen!” Rabbit nervously responded.

“Come!” The Queen gestured for us to follow her.

“So Boy, tell me how – this  happened,” demanded the Queen.

“I don’t know. last thing I remember I was in the car with my dad-”

“Your dad?” Asked the Queen.”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Come on!” called Maimax Rabbit from a distance.  

Then the Queen turned to me. “Little boy,” She grabbed my face. “ I think… you have the most amazing eyes.”

“What – What do you -”

“I remember when I had eyes like yours,” She interrupted, beginning to grab my right eye. “Clean, and innocent.”

“Run!” I heard Maimax Rabbit call.

I quickly tried to push from the Queen, but it is very hard to push away with no arms. I struggled and struggled, until I finally broke loose. Then I started to run with Maimax.

We ran, ran and ran until we came to a tree with a door in it. “Come! Come in here!” Maixax urged.

Maimax closed the door behind us. Inside is a dark place just big enough for us both. Before we could say a thing to each other, we felt a sudden drop.

Water! Water was everywhere. I opened my eyes, and saw water. We were under the ocean!

I couldn’t scream, or cover my mouth! I couldn’t see, or swim! I couldn’t find Maimax! I couldn’t do anything! All I could do was fall and suffer. Without my arms, I couldn’t do anything!

Fell. And I fell. Fell. Darker. Darker it grew. Darker. Black. It became black. Black.

Next thing I knew, I was on solid ground. I opened my eyes and let out a few coughs. Looking to my left, I found Maimax Rabbit lying there, just like  I was, without movement. However, before I could reach or call out to him, I heard a girl’s voice from behind me.

Sain baina uu!” she said curiously.

I, of course, jumped from hearing this. “Ahh!” I exclaimed. Maimax also woke up to the sound of her voice.

Zügeerdee, Minii ner Geltorus,” she said. Then I looked to Maimax Rabbit.

“Oh, she said ‘It’s okay, my name is Geltorus.’” Maimax Rabbit translated. “Minii ner Maimax Rabbit,” Maimax said back.

Geltorus was some kind of beautiful sea creature. She was half fish. She had very large green hair with lots of things from the sea in it. She didn’t have a nose, or any ears. She wore lots of gold pieces and green plants.

I picked up the language rather quickly, and said “Minii ner – Bhyme-Bo.” Then I looked to Maimax Rabbit, and whispered, “How do you say ‘Thank you?’”

Bayarlalaa,” he whispered back.

“Bayarlalaa!” I tried to make myself look as grateful as I really was. I won’t bother with telling all they said. I didn’t really understand it all anyway, but she asked about my arms. Maimax Rabbit said we were looking for them, and she said we can find them in the cave of All Things Lost on top of The Secret Mountain. So we thanked her once more, and we were off.

Climbing and hiking up a mountain are the hardest things ever when you have no arms.

“Come on Bhyme-Bo!” Maimax Rabbit shouted.

“I can’t!” I shouted back.

“Yes you can!” responded Maimax Rabbit.

“That’s easy for you to say, you have two arms, and you can just hop up this hill!” I shouted.

Bhyme-Bo,” Maimax called, slightly annoyed. “it doesn’t matter that you can’t hop, or whatever. You having no arms does not make you incapable of getting up here!” Maimax tried to get me up there, but I didn’t listen and continued to move slowly.

“Maimax Rabbit!” I called after a few more minutes. “I don’t think I can do this. Can we take a break?”

But before he could respond, a small fairy appeared out of nowhere. “Hi-ya, I’m Princess Uneara!” The little fairy said, with the biggest smile ever.

“What brings you up hear to my lovely little kingdom?” the Princess asked.

“We are on our way to the cave of All Things Lost.”

“Oh, what did you lose?” But before we could answer, she realized, and continued, “Oh, never mind. Well, I can take you there if you want!”

“Oh really?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! I go there all the time!” Uneara said.

Lucky for me, the rest of the way up wasn’t too steep. Uneara began to take us both to the top of the mountain. But of course, she had to give us the story of her life.

“..So I’m the daughter of the king..” Uneara went on, “…Oh did I tell you about the time when I fought a dragon…?” After a while we got bored. “…or the time the kingdom had to fight off a mountain goat…?” she went on, and on.

Unfortunately, Uneara was talking for so long, we ended up finding ourselves lost.

“Oh, opps!” Uneara gasp. “We might be – lost!”

“What do you mean we’re lost?” Maimax Rabbit and I shouted.


“Lost?” We heard yet another voice call from a distance. Turning around, we saw a bird with lots of feathers, and a large tail. To some, it might look like an owl.  

“Are you lost? I’m Ark. I can take you wherever.”

We didn’t know what to say back, so we just stood there.

“If you’re looking for the cave of All Things Lost, I know where it is.”

“Wh-where?” I asked.

“Turn around! You all are going the wrong way! Then keep going.”

Ark the bird sounded very wise. We thanked him, followed his words, and before we knew it, we were there.

I inspected the cave, trying to see if I could see inside of there from out here.

“Woah,” I whispered to myself.

“Come on, in here!” Uneara said.

“Walking in, I noticed lots of bright, yet dim colors. Shimmer and shine were everywhere. Then I looked forward, and saw it. The chest with my arms. I went to open the chest, but it’s not very easy to open things without arms. So Uneara opened it for me. I only saw them for a little while before I heard a familiar voice behind us.

It was the Queen.

“I finally found you.” She said.

The Queen looked different, she was half… snake.

“Your eyes!”

With that, I ran. Maimax Rabbit, Uneara and I ran in different directions.

“Come out, come out wherever you are!” She called in an ominous voice.

I sat in a hiding place for a while, but soon –

“Gotcha!” The Queen shouted.

I ran for my life – all around the cave – with her on my tail. Soon, Maimax, and Uneara came out and started to yell.

“No! What do you want?” I asked, still running.

The Queen gave no answer, but continued to chase me.

“Little boy, you can’t do anything!” the Queen called.

“I can’t,” I said in my head, “But I can try!” I told her. In a blink, she was gone!

Sitting right there was everything I wanted. I finally had them.

Miamax Rabbit and Uneara came out to help me. It was all over.

‘Tis a lesson you should heed,

If at first you don’t succeed,

Try, try again;

Then your courage should appear,

For if you will persevere,

You will conquer, never fear

Try, try again;    

                                           – William Edward Hickson


Thank you my:

Mom, and two sisters



my name

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Easy Peasy short story contest

Hey guy’s sorry its been a long time since I’ve posted, but I just want to share a little.

(Also I’m kinda in a rush)

First of all for you homeschooled writers, Easy Peasy is having a short story writing contest. You can see a lot here

Short Story Competition

and here

Short Story Contest

I know it might be to late, but I figured I’d share. I am entering in. and soon you can see the post where I share it. Also I will publish soon a post about all the updates to this blog, and I will talk about what I want to do with this blog.

Well thats all for now. (Sorry it was so short.)


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Liberty Updates

Qué pasa Freedomchildren!

Today I am just kinda going to be explaining myself.

     I haven’t posted another chapter for one of my stories in a minute, so I just needed to tell y’all whats going on.

     Okay, so right now the only story I am currently coming out with chapters for Suicide you Ruined my Life. Ignite is still under construction, and Injected is nowhere near started, (still got to work on some stuff,) and Liberty, well thats really what this is all about.

       First of all …..

I am totally rewriting the story!

By the way, the name is different now, it is now …


(I’ll tell the story of who that became her name later)

      So as you may or may not know Liberty was about a girl who didn’t have a family, and she just went around looking for people to live with. Basically she met these two girls, and during their time together she could tell that they were keeping really important secrets from her. She figures out that they were keeping a lot of secrets from her, like she had a twin brother, and she had an uncle trying to kill them, and that her parents were murdered, and her whole kingdom was burnt down into ashes, and – well – that’s really it.

     Well a month, or so ago I decided to rewrite that. For a really long time I wasn’t liking the story, but I didn’t do anything about that, and I just stopped writing it. I started writing other stuff, like Suicide, you Ruined my Life, Ignite, and Injected. But like I said before, “I am currently coming out with chapters for Suicide, you Ruined my Life. Ignite is still under construction, and Injected is nowhere near started” so basically, Suicide, you Ruined my Life is the story I am coming out with chapters for.

     But then I decided to start rewriting Liberty.

     I’m not going to get into detail about the whole story today, but All I’m really going to say is, Liberty, is now named Liahh. It is about (this is not the full description) Liahh, a thirteen year old girl, who was diagnosed with a type of disease that gives you the power of the world elements, or something like that. They are different ones, but her, and her brother Liam got the deadly kind, stage 4.

       Since she has a deadly power, and has killed many people, the Police, (or FBI, or Military, yeah I like the Military) are after her, and trying to kill her. So far all I got is she, and the rest of the characters, that I will talk about later, are running from them. You know, trying not to die.

          The rest of the characters have Gea (the element type power thing) as well. Well, not the rest just this list …..

  • Liahh
  • Liam
  • Anavia
  • Bora
  • Alessie
  • Jordan
  • Adara

There are five Gea’s …..


Death: Ilkea        

Fire: Derrreng

Water: Malight

Life: Jassy

Time: Oquila

(That also might have made no scene)

       If that sounded like a terrible story, or if that made no scene, well I wont talk about you for thinking that way. Honestly if that was all I knew about the story, I wouldn’t think it would be that good. But I hope it’s good. It will get better when y’all know more about it, and when I finish writing it.

      I don’t have a description yet, but I will share a little about my main character.



Age: 13Liahh

Full name: Liahh Ellie Ajal    

Played by: Amandla Stenberg

Gea: Ilkea (Stage 4)

Island: Kritanta

Number: Green #207



Liahh was born November 16, 2005, along with her twin brother Liam. Their Dad had Ilkea all his life, but it never came out until the pregnancy of his wife. That gave there two twins the death Gea, Ilkea.

Liahh, her brother, and their Dad were sent away to Kritanta, after they accidentally murder their mother. Kritanta is where Liahh, and her brother, Liam, Witnessed the death of their father.   

Six years later, Liahh, My MC, is living in Ms. Prescott’s home for children, a place like no other. The earliest memory she has is six-year-old her playing at free time, and meeting her now BFF Nathan. She does not remember anything past that, but she has memories about her, and a boy, that is supposed to be her twin brother, playing together. And she tells stories to Nate. She says they don’t feel like dreams, but they don’t feel like Memories, but she feels that they really happened.


Liahh is a Weird, silly, strange, and unusual girl, She is always determined to finish what she starts, and to never back down from anything. She would do anything for anybody, even people she doesn’t know. But she does not have very much confidence in herself, and lacks the ability of  decision-making. Though with help she can at least try to make the right decision.


Sorry if that also made no scene. And sorry if it felt like I skipped a lot. There was a lot of terms y’all don’t know, but this was really for personal use, so, sorry. 😦

I currently don’t have much to tell you about this story, that’s really all I have. I have a little about my other characters, but I’m not going to share all that. But I will give a list of all the characters.


Liahh Ajay

Liahh Ajal

Liam Ajal

Liam Ajal

Nathan Kutter


Anavia Geltz


Bora Sheen


Alessie Saver


Jordan Macey

Jordan Macey

Adara Phoenix

Adara Phoenix

Kim Ajal

Kim Ajal


(See more here)


That’s it …..oh, and look at this I made …

I think it’s cool!

Umm let me see. What else do I need to say.

I might not post for a while. I am really trying to work on this, so I probably wont come out with any chapters for my other stories. But I will come out with little things, like, telling y’all about my characters from different stories. Just small stuff like that. I will also come out with stuff like that for Liahh.

Well that’s all! Please feel free to right Long comments, and tell me what you think about the new story!


Love, Weirdness, and Randomness ❤️




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Love isn’t selfishness,

Love isn’t anger,

Love isn’t impatience,

Love isn’t fear

Love isn’t mean,

Love isn’t rude,

Love isn’t jealousy,

Love is not wrong,

Love is not evil,

And it definitely isn’t hate.

Love is not even hearts, candy, and kisses.

Selflessness is love,

Kindness is love,

Patience is love,

Love drives out fear,

Gentleness is love,

Being happy for each other is love,

Love is right,

Love is true,

Love is strong.




Helping is love,

Saying be careful is love,

Sharing is love,

Joy is love,

Peace is love,

Faithfulness is love,

Laughter is love,

Playing is love,

Goodness is love.




Self-control is love,

Fun is love,

Honesty is love,

Togetherness is love,

Fellowship is love,

Community is love.




Fathers are love,

Mothers are love,

Sisters are love,

Brother are love,

Grandmas are love,

Grandpas are love.




God is love.




I can love,

You can love,

Because God loves us.

What we need is love.



1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Galatians 5:22-26

1 John 4:18

Watching my little siblings play

Hanging out with my family.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Hey guys, real quick, I just want to say I got a notification that made me really happy

Congratulations on getting 100 total likes on Liberty.
Your current tally is 105.

I know this post was nothing like my usual post, and the last post I did was also not like my usual post, but soon i will be coming out with a post about future post.

Love, Weirdness, and Randomness 💜

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Life Is Precious

Pointe to Christ

A person is a person no matter how small.

Dr. Suess

Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Proverbs 31:8

If we honored each baby aborted since 1973 with a moment of silence, we would be silent for over 100 years.


Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about what a miracle it is that you’re alive? Stop and take a moment. Right now, billions upon billions of complex biochemical reactions are happening inside your tiny, but intricate cells. At the moment you became a person, you were the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Can you believe that? When you think about it, life is filled with miracles that you can’t see. Every breath that you breathe is a miracle. Every moment on this earth is a miracle. Some people don’t live like that, but I’m inviting you…

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