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Liberty Updates

Qué pasa Freedomchildren!

Today I am just kinda going to be explaining myself.

     I haven’t posted another chapter for one of my stories in a minute, so I just needed to tell y’all whats going on.

     Okay, so right now the only story I am currently coming out with chapters for Suicide you Ruined my Life. Ignite is still under construction, and Injected is nowhere near started, (still got to work on some stuff,) and Liberty, well thats really what this is all about.

       First of all …..

I am totally rewriting the story!

By the way, the name is different now, it is now …


(I’ll tell the story of who that became her name later)

      So as you may or may not know Liberty was about a girl who didn’t have a family, and she just went around looking for people to live with. Basically she met these two girls, and during their time together she could tell that they were keeping really important secrets from her. She figures out that they were keeping a lot of secrets from her, like she had a twin brother, and she had an uncle trying to kill them, and that her parents were murdered, and her whole kingdom was burnt down into ashes, and – well – that’s really it.

     Well a month, or so ago I decided to rewrite that. For a really long time I wasn’t liking the story, but I didn’t do anything about that, and I just stopped writing it. I started writing other stuff, like Suicide, you Ruined my Life, Ignite, and Injected. But like I said before, “I am currently coming out with chapters for Suicide, you Ruined my Life. Ignite is still under construction, and Injected is nowhere near started” so basically, Suicide, you Ruined my Life is the story I am coming out with chapters for.

     But then I decided to start rewriting Liberty.

     I’m not going to get into detail about the whole story today, but All I’m really going to say is, Liberty, is now named Liahh. It is about (this is not the full description) Liahh, a thirteen year old girl, who was diagnosed with a type of disease that gives you the power of the world elements, or something like that. They are different ones, but her, and her brother Liam got the deadly kind, stage 4.

       Since she has a deadly power, and has killed many people, the Police, (or FBI, or Military, yeah I like the Military) are after her, and trying to kill her. So far all I got is she, and the rest of the characters, that I will talk about later, are running from them. You know, trying not to die.

          The rest of the characters have Gea (the element type power thing) as well. Well, not the rest just this list …..

  • Liahh
  • Liam
  • Anavia
  • Bora
  • Alessie
  • Jordan
  • Adara

There are five Gea’s …..


Death: Ilkea        

Fire: Derrreng

Water: Malight

Life: Jassy

Time: Oquila

(That also might have made no scene)

       If that sounded like a terrible story, or if that made no scene, well I wont talk about you for thinking that way. Honestly if that was all I knew about the story, I wouldn’t think it would be that good. But I hope it’s good. It will get better when y’all know more about it, and when I finish writing it.

      I don’t have a description yet, but I will share a little about my main character.



Age: 13Liahh

Full name: Liahh Ellie Ajal    

Played by: Amandla Stenberg

Gea: Ilkea (Stage 4)

Island: Kritanta

Number: Green #207



Liahh was born November 16, 2005, along with her twin brother Liam. Their Dad had Ilkea all his life, but it never came out until the pregnancy of his wife. That gave there two twins the death Gea, Ilkea.

Liahh, her brother, and their Dad were sent away to Kritanta, after they accidentally murder their mother. Kritanta is where Liahh, and her brother, Liam, Witnessed the death of their father.   

Six years later, Liahh, My MC, is living in Ms. Prescott’s home for children, a place like no other. The earliest memory she has is six-year-old her playing at free time, and meeting her now BFF Nathan. She does not remember anything past that, but she has memories about her, and a boy, that is supposed to be her twin brother, playing together. And she tells stories to Nate. She says they don’t feel like dreams, but they don’t feel like Memories, but she feels that they really happened.


Liahh is a Weird, silly, strange, and unusual girl, She is always determined to finish what she starts, and to never back down from anything. She would do anything for anybody, even people she doesn’t know. But she does not have very much confidence in herself, and lacks the ability of  decision-making. Though with help she can at least try to make the right decision.


Sorry if that also made no scene. And sorry if it felt like I skipped a lot. There was a lot of terms y’all don’t know, but this was really for personal use, so, sorry. 😦

I currently don’t have much to tell you about this story, that’s really all I have. I have a little about my other characters, but I’m not going to share all that. But I will give a list of all the characters.


Liahh Ajay

Liahh Ajal

Liam Ajal

Liam Ajal

Nathan Kutter


Anavia Geltz


Bora Sheen


Alessie Saver


Jordan Macey

Jordan Macey

Adara Phoenix

Adara Phoenix

Kim Ajal

Kim Ajal


(See more here)


That’s it …..oh, and look at this I made …

I think it’s cool!

Umm let me see. What else do I need to say.

I might not post for a while. I am really trying to work on this, so I probably wont come out with any chapters for my other stories. But I will come out with little things, like, telling y’all about my characters from different stories. Just small stuff like that. I will also come out with stuff like that for Liahh.

Well that’s all! Please feel free to right Long comments, and tell me what you think about the new story!


Love, Weirdness, and Randomness ❤️




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Love isn’t selfishness,

Love isn’t anger,

Love isn’t impatience,

Love isn’t fear

Love isn’t mean,

Love isn’t rude,

Love isn’t jealousy,

Love is not wrong,

Love is not evil,

And it definitely isn’t hate.

Love is not even hearts, candy, and kisses.

Selflessness is love,

Kindness is love,

Patience is love,

Love drives out fear,

Gentleness is love,

Being happy for each other is love,

Love is right,

Love is true,

Love is strong.




Helping is love,

Saying be careful is love,

Sharing is love,

Joy is love,

Peace is love,

Faithfulness is love,

Laughter is love,

Playing is love,

Goodness is love.




Self-control is love,

Fun is love,

Honesty is love,

Togetherness is love,

Fellowship is love,

Community is love.




Fathers are love,

Mothers are love,

Sisters are love,

Brother are love,

Grandmas are love,

Grandpas are love.




God is love.




I can love,

You can love,

Because God loves us.

What we need is love.



1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Galatians 5:22-26

1 John 4:18

Watching my little siblings play

Hanging out with my family.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Hey guys, real quick, I just want to say I got a notification that made me really happy

Congratulations on getting 100 total likes on Liberty.
Your current tally is 105.

I know this post was nothing like my usual post, and the last post I did was also not like my usual post, but soon i will be coming out with a post about future post.

Love, Weirdness, and Randomness 💜

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Life Is Precious

Pointe to Christ

A person is a person no matter how small.

Dr. Suess

Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Proverbs 31:8

If we honored each baby aborted since 1973 with a moment of silence, we would be silent for over 100 years.


Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about what a miracle it is that you’re alive? Stop and take a moment. Right now, billions upon billions of complex biochemical reactions are happening inside your tiny, but intricate cells. At the moment you became a person, you were the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Can you believe that? When you think about it, life is filled with miracles that you can’t see. Every breath that you breathe is a miracle. Every moment on this earth is a miracle. Some people don’t live like that, but I’m inviting you…

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“Suicide you Ruined my Life” Chapter 2

See chapter one    About 


lettersho’s got spirit? Who do? Who do? We’ve got spirit! We do! We do!” My team, and I shout. It’s my first year in high school, and already I am the popular one.

I have tons of friends, and surprisingly everyone knows my name. But always, Naldo will be my one, and basically only friend. I talk to the other girls, but, there not friends with me like I and Naldo are.

    It’s definitely  been easier to make friends now, then it was before 2012.

 “Okay girls that was great! Let’s take a break,” Our cheerleading captain shouts.

    I walk away to a group of girls that are my “friends” well kind of, but I talk to them a lot during practice.

     “Hi guys!” I smile.

   “Oh! Hi Abigail.” Says Vivica, the rich girl in school. “What’s up? What have you been doing?”

   “Hmm nothing much.” I shrug.

  “Are you doing anything Saturday night?” Asks Star, the pretty, blond head in school. “I’m having a party.”

   “Umm, I don’t know at the moment, but I’ll ask my parents, and-”

   “Umm you might not want to tell your parents,” Star says.

   “Why not?” I ask.

   “You’re parents, well all the parents in this school, don’t really like me, or trust me, and my family. It would be better if you just didn’t tell them, or make up an excuse… most kids.”  Star says.

“Umm I don’t know.” I scarcely say.

“I’ll be fine. It’s just a party,” Star say as if it were not just a party.”

Which, it wont be. Everybody knows a party at Starr’s place is way more than I like to be involved with.

 Though I am one of the most popular girls, okay I’m one of the most popular people, I am not a bad kid. No, yo no soy! Oh great I listen to Naldo so much I’ve started picking up his Spanish. But like I was saying, I’ve never gotten in trouble! I’m a goody two-shoes!

 “See you there.” Star gave me one of her ugly grins, walking away with Vivica, and Princess, the daughter of the principal, who so happens to also be rich trailing behind her.

 I rush over to the bench were my bag is, and start digging around for my phone. “Gotcha!” I say. Looking around for Naldo’s face, passing all the other sixty-seven people who call, or text me every day, half I don’t even know.

“Naldo!” I say tapping his picture to call him.

“Hello?” Ronaldo answered.

“Hi! Sorry I didn’t call you earlier. I was-”

“Abigail, it’s okay,” Ronald says, trying to make it sound like he was trying to be nice, but really, he just didn’t feel like listening to me go on, and on about this.

“It’s fine,”

Why did you want me to call you?” I ask.

“Oh, right, yeah Saturday, as you know, is Destiny’s birthday. And she is having a birthday party. Mom says I have to go somewhere else because Destiny doesn’t want, and I quote ‘a nasty teen boy at her party’,” Ronaldo says as if he knows he really is a nasty teen boy.

“Well, are you asking to come over to my house or something?” I say back.

“No, actually I still wanted to be there for a little, so I was asking if you could come over, and say happy birthday to her?” Asked Naldo. “You know how much she loves you,”.

“Oh, sure!” I said.

“Thanks! Naldo said.

“Yeah! Bye!” I said.

“Wait! Are you still in the middle of cheer practice?”Asked Naldo.

“Yeah, wait! When did you say it was?” I ask.

“Saturday,” He responds.

“Oh, umm, okay, bye!”


I hang up the phone and as soon as I turn around I see the captain standing there.

“Come on Abby! You can talk to your boyfriend later! Time to get back to work!” She yells.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” I mumble as I walk over to the rest of the girls.

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About Darragh

See About Aquila



Name: Darragh

Age: 14

Birthday: Aldebaran 11

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Animal: Bear

Favorite food: Anything green

Least Favorite food: Any meat


     What’s up, I’m Darragh. Well that’s not my full name, but that’s besides the point. My friends names are Ace, Bay, and Calix. In case you can’t tell our names go A, B, C, D. I like Dendrochronology, I love observing things in nature. I love everything about nature, and when I grow up I want to be a Dendrochronologist. I live with my Mom, Dad, and little sister.

    My Mom, currently has cancer though. She’s had it for two years now. Me, and my family have been pushing through since then. She hasn’t really gotten better, but we’re hoping she will. She gave us a charm so we will always remember her, if she goes, and she has one, so even when she is gone she’ll remember all her three children ……well two.

   Three years ago, Rigel 11th, I lost My older brother in a car accident. He was on his way home from an animal shelter, when he was shot through the passenger set window. He’s name was Tobiah, and we were best friends. He was always there for me, he always gave me good advice, and he just always made me laugh.

     I was 12 years old, when it happened. I just don’t see who would want to hurt him. He was a good person, he never did anything to hurt anyone. He was coming back from helping animals, he was a great person. It still doesn’t make any sense. And really, my family doesn’t want to go through another death, so we are hoping that my mom beats this cancer.

   But I try not to think about it all the time. I try to focus on my school, and spend time with my friends, and little sister. I try to spend every second I can with my Mom. And I try to do the things I love more often, so I can stay happy. Dad always says no matter what happens, stay positive, and never lose hope.



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I’ve got this idea I want to turn into a movie!

     Hi! okay, so two or so weeks ago, I had a dream. And at the moment I can’t remember the whole dream, but, at the very end I was crying, standing out side a store. When a homeless man walked up to me. He asks me for five dollars, but before I could tell him no, I’m sorry I don’t have any money, (and run away) (stranger danger) he grads my shoulder. Somehow he ends up putting me on the ground. He put his thumb in my shoulder, and just lade me down. It was almost like when he did that, that he took away my ability to fight back. He lifted up my leg, and told me, he needs me to be still. He pulled out from his back pocket, a syringe. He kept telling me he needs me to be still. He takes up my leg, and sticks me with the thing. Immediately I fell asleep, as soon as he stuck the syringe in me, I felt something flow though my body, and pull me down. I blacked out.

     When he was sticking the thing in me, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t fight back, or anything. I think he really did take away my ability to move. The whole time I felt something on my shoulders, holding me down, but his hands where not on my shoulder. It’s like whatever he did, stayed there. Also, both of his hands where on my leg, but as I fell asleep, I felt a hand under me, rubbing my butt. Sooooooooo, I don’t know how he managed to make it feel like he had three hands. Maybe he didn’t have both his hands on my leg, I don’t know.

    All this happened in, no joke, three seconds, but so much happened, all at once. When I woke up, I started thinking to myself, I said that was the most interesting dream I’ve ever had. I also realized that he was left handed, but that’s not really important. I started thinking more, and more, then I got the idea that I thought would make a great story.

    But still, what did he want, what was he trying to do, What was he going to do to me. I woke up as soon as a blacked out, but if I stayed asleep (which I wish I did) Where would have I been? Would he still be there? Would I have been in the same place? What would he be doing to me, or with me? To this day I still really want to finish that dream.

    Anyway, that gave me an idea, but that’s not the only thing that gave me an idea. A week, or so before that, I had another dream.

   Short version, I was Lucky, from “Spirit Riding Free” and I was with Pru, and Abigail, (literally, five seconds ago I figured out that Pru is not her full name, it’s Prudence) and we saw a fire. And sense we were the Characters from “Spirit Riding Free”, we thought it would be a good idea TO RIDE INTO THE FIRE. I don’t know why. Anyway, we rode into the fire, then all the sudden we were not on horses, I was not Lucky, and pru, and Abigail turned into my real friends.

    So we were in the middle of the fire, when all the sudden, a fire man came, and swept me, and my friends up. He took me out, and asked me things like, “are you okay” and stuff. But of course I was okay, I just walked into the fire. But at the same time, of course I’m not okay, I was in the fire! But anyway, I saw that there was some other kids who were also talking to paramedics. Oh, by the way, a school was on fire.

    Anyway, I saw my friends, and a lot of other kids in a room. I went over to the door, it was looked, but one of my friends were right next to the door. In the room, there was a man in the front, he was talking. He said something like, “Each of you have powers now. You all have different powers, water, air, plants.” Or something like that. So basically, my friends, and a whole lot of other kids that were in the fire, all got powers.

    HOWEVER! Later, I figured out that I didn’t have any powers, and I was mad! I really wanted powers. So all my friends had powers, and I didn’t!

    After that, I though that, that would make a great story. So I thought that there would be a fire at a school, and somehow all the kids made it out alive, without a scratch, okay maybe a little scratch, but they do have super powers so, it might be hard to get hurt. Anyway, somebody will accidentally use there powers, or something, then they will all realize that they have powers. Then all the kids have to go in this room along, with a few other teachers who got powers. But mostly kids. Maybe it wasn’t school hours, it was like after school activity time or something. (I don’t know how schools work.) So there was only a few kids, and a few teachers.

     In the room, there will be a guy, telling them they have powers now. Oh and there will be police officers, and maybe the S.W.A.T. team, or something. All with guns, I mean if there was a room full of children with powers, I think the S.W.A.T. would be there.

    So the police give each child some weird gray stuff, and the kids just have to hold the gray stuff in there hands. The stuff will turn a color, and that color is associated with a power. I never made up the powers, but. So everybodies gray stuff is changing color, but  the main Character’s gray stuff stays gray. then shes like, “excuse me sir! My stuff is not changing.” and then he’s like, “give it some time.” then it never changes. Then he goes over to a police officer, or S.W.A.T. person, or the General, or something, and he’s like “Umm, this girl does not have any powers.” …………………….

     So then they would probably do, or try to do something to her, like erase her memory, or kill her, or something bad, or just something she doesn’t want them to do to her. And then she would join up with other kids, and start a rebellion, or something. Or maybe, they aren’t just trying to kill her, they are planning to kill all of them. Why else would they have all those guns. I mean KIDS with POWERS. They would try to kill them.

    So yeah they fight, or something. Well no. That’s what I though of at first, then I realized that that whole dream was kind of like a movie I watched four, or five days before. “The darkest minds.” Then I had the dream I told y’all about first. Then I got the idea for a story I call…..


    Oh great! I all ready wrote so much, I don’t feel like writing anything any more, and I haven’t even started talking about what this post is actually about.

    So (real quick) Injected is about a girl named Anna, and one day she is out side crying, when a man walk up to her asks for money, bla bla bla, you know the rest of it. The same thing that happened to her is the same thing that happened to me. And then, the same thing is happening to other girls. And some people think it just rape, but there’s no sign of that, then it happens to some boys, and- oh yeah, the victims are gaining powers. Water, fire, and plants, (or earth). But the first one, my main character, doesn’t have any powers. But then, of course, the S.W.A.T. takes them, and locks them away, they fight back yaty yaty ya! So yeah, thts basically what the story is about. I haven’t finished a lot of it, and I still need to work out some stuff.

      Then I decided that it would make a nice movie. Then I decided that I want to act in it, but that’s something to talk about later.



Oh How I wish I could find other writers to write this with……. I’ll look around. I know some bloggers.

Characters I have so far

Happy Easter From Landry Bender March 31, 2013 You Rock Landry

Anna Ripley

Age: 14

Played by: Landry Bender

Kyle Breitkopf

Levi Jaxon

Age: 12

Played by: Kyle Breitkopf

Happy Bday Francesca Capaldi

Alivia Duplin

Age: 11

Played by: Francesca Capaldi

Though, I don’t know how she could play her. She is a lot older now.

Ali Skovbye Picture

Ivy Daily

Age: 15

Played by: Ali Skovbye

(Just imagine her with blue hair)

Basado en la saga de Harry Potter escrita por la genial J. K. Rowlin… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Aaliyah Wyatt

Age: 14

Played by: Genneya Walton

Image result for Rachel Eggleston

Tori Hunt

Age: 12

Played by: Rachel Eggleston

(Just imagine her with glasses)

Skylan Brooks

Owen Smith

Age: 15

Played by: Skylan Brooks


I don’t know why I find actors to play each character in my stories. Or if anybody else does the same thing.


Welp that’s it for today! Sorry it probably took you 5 million years to read this. (1558 words) I just had so much to say. I will have more on this story soon. And I plain to have more chapters from my other stories out sometime. Oh, and did anybody realize that WordPress is different.



Image result



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Confucius and Mencius

Hi! I had this story that I wrote A long time ago, that I had to write for school. I do Easy Peasy, I don’t know if any body else does. The story had to be about Confucius, and Mencius. I used quotes from them both. I wrote it a long time ago, but I thought I should share it.


Confucius and Mencius

1-“I was talking to my wife, telling her she should stop arguing with the neighbor, and just become friends.” Said Confucius.

2-“You know what I always say, friends are siblings, God never gave us.” Said Mencius.

3- “I guess I could tell her that, but it wouldn’t even work, she already told me, don’t you always say, Silence is a true friend who never betrays. So why can’t I be friends with silence!” Said Confucius.

4- “Friendship is one mind, in two bodies.” Said Mencius.

5- “That’s it! The neighbor, and my wife love the same things, I’ll tell them how much they have in common, and then there will be instant friends! Thanks Mencius!” Said Confucius as he got up, and walked away.

6- “You’re welcome, I guess, I don’t know how he got that from what I said.” Mencius mumbled.

April 7, 2018


I think I was trying to make it funny? I don’t know.

Thanks for reading! Bye! Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve 2018


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About Aquila


this descries Aquila’s life

Name: Aquila

Age: 14

Birthday: Antares 14

Favorite Color: Turquoise green

Favorite Animal: Eagle

Favorite food: Lunar cassorole

Least Favorite food: Aqua sprouts


    Hi, my names Aguila, I am fourteen, and this is my life story.

    I was born on a cold fall day, and- wait, what ….. Oh not that kind of life story, okay. I’m a photographer, I like anything that is big bright, and fluffy, I take a lot of pictures of things like that. Also my room is totally packed with big, fluffy things. My one, and only friend’s name is Bekka, my hamster’s name is Stella, and my Dad’s name is Leopold. I also like making jewelry, like bracelets, and earrings, but My favorite is this, a necklace that says daughter. It was given to me on my fifth birthday, the night my Mom died.

   My Dad got home early to celebrate my birthday, Mom wasn’t home, but she was on her way home, from work. It was Antares, so by the time she got of work it was already dark. And this is making me sad, so I’m going to tell the really quick version. Basically, it was dark, and raining, and my Mom lost control. After a long night of going to the hospital, and hearing the bad news, My Dad gave me the birthday present Mom was going to give me. It was a necklace, it was a half heart and it said Daughter, he told me that she was wearing the other half. I’ve never taken it off since.

   My Dad hasn’t been the same since then. He is mad all the time, Angry, sad, stressed, all the time. But how he treats me is even worse. He yells at me, but not the normal kind of yelling that all fathers give their children when they do something bad, a kind of muscle tightening, heart racing, mean, evil yelling, with the intentions of actually hurting me. He slaps me, and kicks me, and sometimes he locks me in closets, or boxs. And even worse stuff, he takes all is sadness out on me.

   But of course all this is hidden from everybody. No one else knows what happens inside this house, not grandma, nor My Ant, or Uncle, no one except my best friend, Bekka. My dad doesn’t know she knows, and she acts like she doesn’t know, but that doesn’t change what he does.  

   The one night, when my dad sat on my bed, and climbed on top of me, I knew my life would never be the same.



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My new story – Ignite

This picture describes the whole story

I’ll describe what each picture mean later


I am kind of drafting a story I call “Ignite.” It is about a girl named Aguila, and her two friends Nixie, and Darragh. Basically, they go on (really scary) missions, to stop this evil force, shadow like creature, that is trying to blow out all the candles. If that made no sense, read this …..



“This is my Dad.”

“These are my brothers.”

“This is my Mom.”

“And I,”

“And I,”

“And I,”

“And I, am on a mission to keep them safe, from the one who hates our fire.”


   Long, long, before, in a time that has never been recorded, long before what man call the first day, lived a civilization of people called, the Libians. They took up almost a fourth of the world, they lived in complete harmony, there was no death, there was no hurt, no pain, nor suffering, just happiness. Laughing, playing, singing dancing, all the time. The people were so happy, they didn’t even realize that they weren’t wearing clothes.

    Each life on earth, was a candle, in a place, beyond were any man can go, called The realm of flames, or Ignis. Custodi, the candle maker, everyday would make a new candle, and that candle is the life, and soul, of a new born baby. If anything happened to that candle…..that baby was dead. Fortunately, that never happened.

   The Candle Maker had many apprentices, all who were faithful, all but one. Its name … was Nox. It didn’t want to work for the Candle Maker, It wanted to be in charge. It built up a team of rebels, and they tried to fight against the candle Maker, but the Candle Maker was way stronger than them. He banished them to the underworld, where He thought they would never be heard of again.

    But Nox did not stay they, it took It forever, but It climbed out from the underworld.        

    When Nox was banished It lost It’s original form. It lost It’s body, and It, and the rest of them, become an evil force, or shadow like creature, it’s not really known what It became.  

    They rose up, and there evil nature corrupted all of earth, and that’s when Sadness, and pain, hurt, death, and suffering came into the world.




I’ll explain more (if that felt like half of the story) (which it was) in another post.




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“Characters” Anavia


Francesca Capaldi       Here

 Name: Anavia Borealis                                                                                                 

Age: 11  

Birthday:  December 2 

Favorite Color: Magenta  

Favorite Animal: Butterfly

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Least Favorite food: Pickles

    Anavia, birth name Aurora Adrian Borealis. Is the princess of the kingdom of Kyla. Anavia loves the color pink, loves sugar, and loves to jump around, loves to wear hats, and eat spaghetti. But at times she can be very judgmental. She tends to not like people she just met, and thinks anybody Libby talks to is bad for her. When anything bad happens, she blame herself, and says she failed her job. She gets upset with her friends whenever they do anything that she doesn’t like. She will become angry. She will do unnecessary, and harsh things, to try to get her friends to do whatever she wants. However Anavia is a light hearted, kind loving girl. Who always tries to make people smile. She will risk her life for Libby. And is determined to correctly do her job.