About Darragh

See About Aquila   Name: Darragh Age: 14 Birthday: Aldebaran 11 Favorite Color: Green Favorite Animal: Bear Favorite food: Anything green Least Favorite food: Any meat        What’s up, I’m Darragh. Well that's not my full name, but that's besides the point. My friends names are Ace, Bay, and Calix. In case you... Continue Reading →


I’ve got this idea I want to turn into a movie!

     Hi! okay, so two or so weeks ago, I had a dream. And at the moment I can't remember the whole dream, but, at the very end I was crying, standing out side a store. When a homeless man walked up to me. He asks me for five dollars, but before I could... Continue Reading →

Confucius and Mencius

Hi! I had this story that I wrote A long time ago, that I had to write for school. I do Easy Peasy, I don't know if any body else does. The story had to be about Confucius, and Mencius. I used quotes from them both. I wrote it a long time ago, but I... Continue Reading →

About Aquila

   Name: Aquila Age: 14 Birthday: Antares 14 Favorite Color: Turquoise green Favorite Animal: Eagle Favorite food: Lunar cassorole Least Favorite food: Aqua sprouts       Hi, my names Aguila, I am fourteen, and this is my life story.     I was born on a cold fall day, and- wait, what ….. Oh not that kind of life story, okay. I’m... Continue Reading →

My new story – Ignite

This picture describes the whole story I'll describe what each picture mean later   I am kind of drafting a story I call "Ignite." It is about a girl named Aguila, and her two friends Nixie, and Darragh. Basically, they go on (really scary) missions, to stop this evil force, shadow like creature, that is... Continue Reading →

“Sunset” Chapter 5

                                                              The Thing Is                             Jan 3                                                                       Chapter 5      ... Continue Reading →

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